Koh Phangan Sport

Koh Phangan is most famous, notorious even, for it’s Full moon party, however, there are lots more to do on the island – and one thing is guaranteed – you will never be bored. Please click on the links below to learn mor about some of the island’s activities.


Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

A relatively good visibility and extensive coral reefs has created good surroundings for diving in the waters around Koh Phangan and its neighboring islands. A little north of the island, you will find Sail Rock, famous for giving home to both whale sharks and barracudas.

If you would like to obtain an international diving certificate (PADI etc.), there are many schools with certified instructors to be find in Koh Phangan. Especially around Had Rin and Thongsala.



Mountain Biking

If you enjoy cycling, Koh Phangan is a good place for this activity. There are many off road routes to choose from, but remember to always use a helmet then as the roads can be rocky. Mountain bikes can be rented at several locations around Koh Phangan, such as various resorts and at a few stores in Thong Sala and Had Rin.


Boat Trips and Fishing Trips

A boat trip around the island is a relaxing adventure. You can also go on a tour to explore the stunning surroundings of Koh Phangan or / and enjoy the underwater life while snorkeling. Most hotels and travel agencies offer these boat trips so just look for billboards, brochures and signs. Prices vary depending on the type of boat.

Fishing tours are normally also offered by the same organizers. If you are lucky you might catch both mackerel and barracuda on your trip.



Kayaking or Canoeing

Another way to explore Koh Phangan is from the sea. Just rent a kayak or canoe and paddle out straight from the beach. The kayaks are available for rent on most beaches. Remember to use sunscreen when you are on the sea.


Wakeboarding and Kiteboarding

Wakeboarding is available at Chaloklum Bay in northern Koh Phangan. One of the companies that offer this activity is called Wake Up which have experienced and talented instructors. Kiteboarding (or kitesurfing) is available in Ban Tai.



Paintball is an adrenaline-pumping activity available on Koh Phangan. Paintball Warfare offers a two rai (3200 square meters) field and it is situated close to Thongsala town, on the west coast.



Beach Volleyball and Beach Football

These two activities are popular in the late afternoon (after 3 PM) when the sun’s strength begins to wane.


Thai Boxing, Yoga and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu

The Horizon Muay Thai Boxing Camp is reachable by boat and this boxing camp is located relatively close to Haad Rin on the South part of the island. Horizon offer Thai Boxing training but also cooking classes as well as massage courses.
Well-established Jungle Gym offers everything from single training sessions to monthly courses for the long term visitors. Here you’ll be able to participate in traditional Muay Thai training or / and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) classes. The gym also offer fitness classes, a gymnasium facility, yoga classes and also a juice bar.The Jungle Gym has two branches. One in Haad Rin and one in Thongsala, where you also will find the largest Thai Boxing arena in Koh Phangan.


Walking and Hiking

Koh Phangan is an island which is perfect for walking and hiking. You can combine sightseeing with exercise and get tanned at the same time. You can either go along the main road, or in more hilly terrain on trails, etc. However, you should always carry a map if you’re not familiar with the area. Please consider the following:

1. It is often really hot here. Bring plenty of water or make sure to buy it frequently at stores that you pass during the walk.

2. Use mosquito repellent, especially on your ankles and calves where the mosquitoes often “attack” in order to suck blood. Keep in mind that the day-active Asian Tiger Mosquito can transmit dengue virus if you have really bad luck. Dengue fever can be a nasty disease which can result in high fever and bleeding, etc.
3. Make sure to come back before sunset. If you’re in the middle of the jungle when it’s getting dark so it can be hard to get back to your place. The sunset occurs between 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm, depending on the season.

4. Bring a good (but not too big) map of the island in order to avoid you from getting lost. You can also easily find attractions along the way, then.

5. Walk on the right-hand side of the road so you will face the traffic and avoid potential speed maniacs. Some people drive rather careless here, so caution is recommended.

6. Use sunscreen on bare skin if it’s sensitive. Many people get sunburned in Thailand due to inexperience. Burn blisters and bright red skin is neither healthy nor beautiful.

Have a great stay on this stunning island!